Adam Krajcir better known as Nosebluntslide is a 18 years old photographer capturing youth culture, beauty in adolescence and things in which he find himself, based in Slovakia. Currently studying photography design at Secondary School of Arts. 

I'm available for various projects as well as potential employment opportunities. 

features, publications and exhibitions: 

self-published zine "May I have a cig man"

"Odyssea 2" exhibiton /by Jungle Heads

"Blame Your Parents" group zine /Blame Your Parents Press

"NEW DANZ" exhibition /by dlinep 

"5:30am, lets light a spliff" zine /Blame Your Parents Press 

self-published zine "Disorder by Hana Nguyen"

"5:30am, lets light a spliff" /TRIP magazine

"these mean streets" group zine /Blame Your Parents Press&Then There Was Us

"first day of summer" /TRIP magazine

Fisheye magazine No.26 September-October 2017 Tumblr selection 

"skate and sabotage" group zine /Blame Your Parents Press

"skating, chilling and smoking weed" /TRIP magazine

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